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PatioEnclosures-Patio-Enclosures.com offers online patio enclosure cost, ideas, designs, and kit prices. Our patio enclosures vinyl windows and door systems are welded construction, and our headers and jambs are also welded into a strong one-piece vinyl frame. 

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Patio Enclosures


Gabled & Straight Roof Patio Enclosures

Gabled Patio RoomOur patio enclosures vinylwindows and door systems are 
welded construction, unlike our competitors aluminum 
windows and doors, which are held together with screws. 
Our patio enclosure headers and jambs are welded into a
strong one-piece vinyl frame. 

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Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures have 9 times more thermal value than Aluminum
Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures are sevse times less likely to condensate than Aluminum
Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures greatly reduce the transfer of extreme heat and cold.
Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures are 1 piece welded construction - No exposed fasteners

Gabledand Straight Patio Enclosure roofs feature solid foam & aluminum construction for high insulation values, attractiveness & patio enclosure roof strength and durability.

Patio Enclosure Insulated Roofs come in 3", 4" & 6" thick. Insulation ratings are R-20 up to
R-40 Insulation to resist extreme heat & cold.

Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures incorporate Tempered Frames with Vinyl Thermal Cladding
Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures windows use a Double Cam Safety Locking Security System
Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures windows & walls come with a Lifetime Factory warranty
Our Vinyl Patio Enclosures Dual Glazed Vinyl windows have 4 times more Insulation


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